Monday, 3 December 2007

GRANDEUR HEALTH CLUB under construction




along Timog avenue in front of Off the Grill

They have 20 rooms total. Hallways are spacious. Just started last NOVEMBER

Lighting in the aquarium needs improvement.
Each row should be elevated enough to have a better view of the girls
Parking is too exposed

P100 discount on rooms for MTC members that are for 800php rooms.
but for different rooms they give discounts for 200php


1k-1.2k php

Introductory rate:

12:00 am to 8:00 pm rate

grand classique (with cr) 800
grand de luxe (with cr and shower) 1000
grand premiere (with whirpool bathtub) 1200
grand suite (with steambath) 1400

8:00 pm to 3:00 am rate
grand classique (with cr) 1200
grand de luxe (with cr and shower) 1300
grand premiere (with whirpool bathtub) 1400
grand suite (with steambath) 1600

the ambiance is great, the place looks classy in it own right
look for joel (formerly of executive)

#19 great massage
#88 flawless
#38 hot!
#72 cute
#67 batang bata, two pops for 1200, solve ka talaga, ang bait pa,parang high school binabanatan
#4, matangkad, ganda ng katawan but do not expect a good es from her, baguhan lang parang kahoy sa kama, di pa marunong magpaligo
#139.......TINDI! maganda TIsay
#21. Her name is Chanel, 19 yr old
#79 morning shift 3rd year high school 19 years old
# 126. She came from Figaro and was a cashier there

no: 88 VENUS

I got to choose no. 88 (Venus) mainly because shes seated up front and had a vantage view of her body and legs. The room (costing P800, too bad I wasn't able to get the 100 peso discount for mtcers) is quite nice with a shower enclosure. It has a sliding door with lock (may outside curtain pa nga.). The girl, venus, is around 21 yrs old, white flawless complexion, 5'3" I guess and has a slim but tight body. Shes got a cute pair of tits, small, perky and firm, with erect nips. She gave me a pretty amateurish but nonetheless passable massage for a place like this one. It took around 20 to 25 minutes before we started the deed itself. She gave me a bbbj and did multiple positions. It took us the whole hour or so coz the phone rang na just when I entered the shower room after the deed. Initially I tried to give her 1,200 coz thats what the supervisor guy said as the minimum damage. But the girl said its 1,500 so I said no problem and gave the amount to her anyway. The place has potential and hopefully the selection increases in time.

AMBIENCE - the place is nice, clean and very reasonable for the entrance fee)
FACE - 7/10 (She looks Korean, chinita)
BODY - 8/10 (very smooth and white complexion, tight ass and body)
MASSAGE - 6/10 (but she's more than willing to learn)
ATTITUDE - 8/10 (very willing to please but I would have given her 9/10 if not for the fact that she said its 1,500 for the extra)

no.:111 KENJI

last night came to grandeur at around 7pm was still able to avail of the P800 room, nakakatawa ung supervisor hindi ako binigay ng discount instead he gave me a fruit platter. i had a great time, had 111 her name is "kenji" medyo maliit siya maybe around 5'2'' to 5'3'', perky tits and willing to please naman, baguhan lang daw siya 20 yrs old, multiple pops for 1500k, bbj din nga pala siya, massage was so-so all in all

face niya 8/10

es 9/10

no.: 115 CECILLE

bro, you could try 115 (Cecille) siya yung kinuha ko kanina kasi wala yung receptionist. Cebuana siya, may kaliitan. Ratings ko sa kanya is as follows:

MASSAGE: 0/10 (If you would read my previous FR's, hindi na me nagpapamassage smile.gif
FACE: 7/10
BODY: 7/10 (chubby to bro, hilig ko kasi yung mga chubby)
ATTITUDE & ES : 9/10 (willing mag please bro, kahit baguhan ito sa business)

no.: 10 JACKIE

I got number 10 jackie.
very cute face. very fun and eager to please. but may signs of birth ren.
goes in to shower with you. does bbj. very attentive. service-wise, she's good


a girl (#16) just entered the aquarium. She looks quite cute and eventually decided to try her services. As she entered my room, I did find her cute and young. She said she just turned 20 last week (though she seemed to look younger). Kind of morena, slim body with nice cute and perky tits. After taking the shower together, I asked her if she does massage. She said she doesn't know how yet since it's actually her 2nd day pa lang daw in the place after being absent for a week or so. Anyways, the heck with the massage and we just engaged in some chatting (personal questions). I find her very nice to talk to and she seemed very willing to please. After almost half an hour we started the deed with her beginning with the standard licking of my nips, and surprising FK from her. Very slowly she continued to reach my southern asset. She did a very nice and slow bbbj on me. She seemed not in a hurry and did it very thorough. At this point I tried to do the work on her naman by also sucking her cute nips slowly gliding through her flat tummy until reaching her downstairs. She's shaved downunder which revealed a fairly nice looking and tight pussy. Finding it clean and odorless, I can't help but do some fellatio. She's so sweet and nice and would continue to do some more french kissing which I rarely find in girls working in the trade. We did multiple sexual positions, cowgirls style, missionary, and of course the back door entry which I find very stimulating for both of us. Rarely can one find a girl like her. She's a certified GFE. A great sexual partner but still retaining her innocent traits. A rare find of a gem indeed.

FACE: 8/10
BODY: 8/10
ATTITUDE: 9-10/10
MASSAGE: Nil (but did not regret it)

no.: 6 ERICKA

got her because of the recommendation of eric.....sabi nya ok daw si #6. Ericka is from A1, 2 months lang daw sya doon kasi malayo daw sya doon. taga fairview kasi sya eh.

pagpasok namin sa room, humingi muna sya ng condom, sabi ko 2 na hingiin nya smile.gif sabi nya, ay 1 round lang medyo nadisappoint ako.... so ok lang, tinuloy ko lang yung service.....unang ginawa namin is she showered me sinabon nya ako. after noon, sya naman yung nag shower at nahugas ng kanyan P@#$Y. after ng shower, we went to bed na.

she gave me a BBBJ! ang galing! ang galing nya mag lick ng balls, tpos ang galing din ng suction nya! tapos while she was doing it, i was touching her breast. so after nya ako iBBBJ, nagpahalik naman sya sakin then inilapit nya yung P@#$Y nya sa face ko. Inamoy ko yung kanya then yung walang amoy, i started to eat her. While I was eating her, she said "s@%t ANG SARAP MONG KUMAIN" so i just continued the deed. after noon, she again gave me a BBBJ tapos sabi ko 69 kami. hehehehe so, we did....I eat and eat and eat and eat her while she suck and suck and suck. I reached my climax and cum in her mouth. Akala ko tapos na i said, did you come? sabi nya ndi pa daw so i ate her again until she came....hehehehe

now, sabi ko sakanya, sayang naman yung kinain ko at ndi ko man lang ang sabi nya eh di mag round 2 tayo smile.gif sabi ko aba puwede! sabi nya dagdag nalang daw ako later sa counter. aba pumayag na before the deed, she told me to wash my C@%K kasi she will give me another BBBJ. so i did wash my thingie then she gave me another BBBJ. so when I was hard, I wore my rubber then she mounted me did a reverse cow first ndi ko masyadong feel pero when she shifted to cowgirl, WOW! ibang klase.......she was not pumping that hard pero ang ginagamit nya ay ang kanyang ab muscle. WOW! parang nagkaroon ng vaccum doon sa C@%K ko at sa P@#$Y nya....tapos she worked and worked until i reached my 2nd climax. Sabi ko IBANG KLASE YUNG GINAWA MO....NDI NAMAN MUSCLE CONTROL YUN pero ANG TINDI! she just smiled pulled out my tool and said, ang dami paring lumabas ha smile.gif We ended with a smack...........

FACE = 9/10
Body = 6/10 (saggy na ang breast, trimmed downunder but not shaved)
ES = 10/10!
Damage = 1.5K for 2 Pops
Room = 1K (discounted kasi MTC member)

no.: 139 ROXY

Got # 139,Roxy, last nite, about 5 2 or 5 3, fair complexioned tisay with an angelic face, it was her 2nd day in this line of work. We showered together, breasts where proportionate in size to her body but firm with pinkish nips.Butt was firm and the bush was a little thick down there.There was torrid kissing and tongue action in the shower. It was obvious that she was a newbie, her bbbj was not that good to the point that i can feel her teeth, but anyway i was able to teach her the proper technique. No fancy positions though, and she moans like a child during the act until the climax.

Face 9.5
Body 8.5
ES 7


Upon entering, we immediately checked the MPAs...nice and wide selection...but only a few caught my attention. Me and my buddies agreed that all of us have to get an MPA, if not, we'll just leave the place. I asked the rates to the guy in uniform...he offered us a great offer of "2k all in"...HUWAT!?!?!? Introductory rates daw...NOT BAD!!! so we immediately took the offer. The guy also reminded us not to talk to the ladies about the rates...sya ng bahala. thumbsupsmiley.gif Meaning...1k for room, 1k for the lady. I asked if they accept credit our luck they did! Grandeur Resto daw ang lalabas sa billing. So we swiped our rooms.

We went to our own rooms...Great Rooms! Better than EXE. My MPA arrived, went to shower together. While she washed by body, she asked if i have CD...HUH?!?! Wala kang dala? Nakalimutan daw nya...pano yan? Kuha daw sya after shower...and she did. Upon arrival, she asked if i still want a massage...hell yeah! after 3 mucho mugs...i really need one! Hindi pa daw sya na-train...I was her first guest since working at grandeur. How lucky naman! (though i missed how gl angels gave a massage to me) To give a background on her....she's 18, petite, nice medium boobies, white complexion, silky smooth skin...had a baby though. She immediately gave me a bbbj, tried deep throat trice...halos masuka but still enjoyed herself while doing it. I returned the favor and she really enjoyed it that she automatically did a 69 with me. She was almost gonna cum when she immediately hop to my dick and did a cowgirl with me...I tell her...nasan yung CD...Loko nakasuot na! HUH? Lasing na nga ako...hehehe. After a few hard pumps, we came together.

While resting, she told me that they were raided a few days back (scared)...that we had to have a quick rest before doing it again. Another one!?!?! And she's the one asking for it...feeling MPA ako ha...dapat ata ako ang bayaran dito. She again started to bbbj we which immediately gave me a hard on. She said, ayan ready na agad! Did a doggie, missionary, helicopter, and other positions i know not the name off. Until she came a few seconds ahead of me.

We didn't talk of the price, instead she said ang swerte mo...just leave the tip in my bag. We left 20 minutes over my alloted extra charge.

Here's the catch...until now...i still haven't seen the charge of grandeur to my credit bills...bakit kaya? its almost a month na. I think they should check their machine...baka malugi sila.

no.:142 JAZZ

#142, jazz... well, she was really pretty and slim, so i decided to take her...

the room was quite comfy and clean, maybe its because that the joint is new, i do hope that management would maintain its cleanliness... had coffee and a smoke, waiting for my MPA... then she came, she was quite petite which is to my liking, and friendly enough... so we chatted for a while, touching a bit here, carressing a bit there... then she invited me to take a shower with her... as we undress, it was only then that i noticed that she was flat chested... tsk tsk tsk... with a bulging tummy... hmmm.... i guess i'd only get to enjoy her pretty face and that's it... tsk tsk tsk.. so we showered, a bit of kissing and a lot of groping on her part... another downside, she doesn't want her pussy to be touched! though she kiss quite nice but the fact that i wasn't able to touch her down there was a bit disappointing...

so i went out of the shower coz i know there won't be any hanky panky happening in there and decided to wait for her in the bed. when she came out, she asked me if i still wanted a massage and told me upfront that she doesn't know how to give one... tsk tsk tsk, another let down...

anyway, she proceeded to towel me off some more and told me to lie on my belly. then the good part started... she licked my ear, my nape, my back and my butt! wow, this girl could really lick! and then, to my surprise, she parted my butt cheek and poked her tongue into my a...hole! she wasn't just rimming, she was poking! man, it was intense... and all the while she was moaning like a little girl... hmmm... then she turned me over and started to play with my manhood... good bbbj, but shortlived... and then she put on the cd and mounted me... the only thing that really irritated me was that the whole time that we were doing it, she was so freaking conscious that i would see her freaking pussy! i mean, as we changed position, she was squirming to put her legs together so i wouldn't be able to see her hole! man, what a let down... can't look at it and can't touch it too... tsk tsk tsk...

i finished off quick coz it was just annoying... so i washed and dressed up... and as we were about to leave the room, i gave her my tip (PHP 1,000), i'm not a stingy person but for me that was what her service was worth, but the thing was, she demanded that i should add another 500... tsk tsk tsk... ended up giving her another 500...

no.: 112

i initially went to dragon spa around 12 midnight cause iwas prepping myself for grandeur nxt week snce im going to have some money come my way by then. so i checked ds, wala, blockbuster, earliest was 115, to cut the story short (after tin saying na130 nadaw nxt availble), i ended up checking grandeur nalang telling myself wats the diff of this week and next, im still gon spen the same amount anyway.. i also dint wanna go to ginza or crown (since i really just wanted a quick fix^^) since i read earlier sumthn about them not having clean or what not facilities.

i went to grandeur telling myself 'pag walang parking sign ni God, wag nako tumuloy itulog ko nalang' when i arrived, to my surprise there barely was any car..only about a couple of em..and this was around 2am, so iwas feeling lucky that i dint have to leave my keys or have it vallet (?) since i was in the front most parking (slightly hidden pa nga) so on i went inside, met erik who was friendly but was in a hurried like mode, open aquarium, ah 12-15girls nice... saw a couple of lookers, i asked for erika, wala daw, so sabi nya yan si 112 ok yan parang erika! actually i was already eying 112 ok nga!

so i acted not intrested to see if there are others,also cause i know they have a kuliglig room, he immediately told me sir teka meron kami dito maganda, so close curtains na, led me to the room, aw,not my type, another room, aw also not my type! looked like ethel booba gosh darn it, but she had a nice side view angle so i thought hmmmm.... sabi agad ni erik sir ok yan, then i told him i was an mtc member 'oh,sir bigyan kita discount, maniwala ka sakin ok yan! binigyan n nga kita discount ok yan! akong bahala sayo( sumthin to that effect).. ako naman si well sure ka? cge cge...
eto na, i was in the room, erik went to get the payment for the room (in a hurry nga^^) he did give me the 200 discount, but as he left the room i shouted to call his attention and told him na pwede ba makita agen aquarium cause parang mas ok c 112, sbi nya with arm leading me back in, ok yan sir maniwala ka sakin walang sinabi si 112.. so agen i was trustful(?) naman!

waited for her, she came in, she really did loook alil like booba, man! tsk tsk
anyway she had a nice figure so on i went she showered, i waited still contemplating how can i change her w/o her getting offended, kc she was nice naman saying things na ang cute mo naman blah,blah... so i thought bah, bahala na!
i entered the shower room with lil me already a lil in the mood, what i saw then was something that made him dig ahole on my crocth area and hide there! she had big tits(on the saggy side) with PLATITO like black nipples! man, man, man!!!!
i dunno bout u guys but.,.. dayng! hnd nako nag shower haha!
she asked me if i wanted a massage i told her yes(i culdnt tell her that's all i want from you)
in fairness her massage skills where barely passing.. then i taughgt her how to 'dukot' she quickly learned, my,my jr was up! then she asked me to turn facing her na...
JR SHRINK bak to a mini me , seeing those tits, she then wore me a cd, then blowed insisting she doint do live, bj was ok, by this point iwas just imagining other girls to keep 'him' alive!
she rode me and it was ok, i just couldnt open my eyes!
then to my kamalasan, she told me that she was already tired! aw, i had to open my eyes!!
dayng, so i f#&ked her missionary tryng to close my eyes but i couldnt, turned her sideways but she insisted that it hurts since iv got a long dick 'daw', well it was poking something in there nga naman, so i asked her for doggy style nalang, so i wont see her face haha but poor old me got tired,, i ended up telling her to just jack me off...which she did well, but she just dint stroke me the right way!
i ended up jacking myslef off cause i dint wanna get bitin! dayng! something i could have done home free!!!!!
after all's been said and done, i was contemplating on givin her 500 for that service since i finished myself naman,, she quited on me sayng it was taking me too long, so i asked her how much es.. to my surprise she said 1,500k hahaha man, the nerve, well anyway i guess that's standard, i told her i only had 1k she then said ay, cge na nga kaso...., i quickly added tutal ako naman napagod' before she could say anything else.
so i went out, tried looking at the acquarium 1 more time, but there was no girls anyore 330 na closing na^^,
i went to my car, someone was parked behind me, and to my surprise! the key of the car was not left with the guard, they had me wait for about 20 MINS knocking up everyone! in fairness to them they said na sir upo ka muna, paantay lang, but not once did i hear anyone say sorry, or apologized for that incident until i left.


overall exp: not even satisfactory, not even good



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