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unlike other MP(s) - the types of GL has a policy wherein they inform their attendants that they should satisfy their guests. unlike sa happy na swertehan, dito halos lahat e bbbj ka, and will do anything you want except anal. most of the attendants here are also quite ok in giving massage.



Rooms are sparse but functional and you make use of a common wet area with a sauna.

12pm to 6pm = 600 6pm to closing = 800 For Twin Service or Double Time add 400 *Gratuities start at 800 (per angel) - But please do give more if you are happy and satisfied with the service


Rooms come complete with a lavatory and combination steam and shower room.

9am to 12pm = 1,200 12pm to closing = 1,500 For Twin Service or Double Time add700 *Gratuities start at 1,500 (per angel) - But please do give more if you are happy and satisfied with the service

Notes: You may choose to bring an Earth angel to a Heaven room but of course Heaven rates will apply. You cannot bring a Heaven angel to an Earth room.

THEY DO TWINS 1.2K each of the girls so thats around 1.2k+1.2k+1.2k rum = 3.6k for twin service cost

TOP 10


1. Raven - 110

2. Jam - 100

3. Jade - 117

4. Althea - 116

5. Tony - 246

6. Desiree - 184

7. Kate - 141

8. Bunny - 188

9. Olga - 295

10. Peachy -194


1. Nancy - 87

2. Gwinette - 35

3. Tintin - 17

4. Daphne - 49

5. Liane - 01

6. Antonette - 07

7. Lovely - 14

8. Andrea - 98

9. Paula - 15

10. Mariel - 27

The best in GL when it comes to BBBJ:

1) Charlene 55 - deep throat action. acrobatic bbbj.. kahit san.. pati ledge ng kama pwede. then she's finish you by swallowing your cum.

2) Aya 38 - the sensation is awesome. this girl is superb when it comes to bbbj.

3) Liane 1 - maraming technique. technique-wise, she's very versatile.

hardcore action:

- billy 41

- nancy 87

- may 36

- liane 1

sorry, walang backdoor action

Section: Earth

No.: 145 Blow Job: bareback, deep throat Extra: Missionary, Dog Style, Cowgirl Overall: Just for the deep throat I'll take her again

No.:35 gwyneth Face: 9/10 (mahilig talaga ako sa mapuputi e) Body: 8/10 (may fats pero may curves.. & I love the boobs) ES: 8/10 (alam ko BBJ e.. bigla nailagay yung CD ng di ko namamalayan.. busy kasi fingerf#$king... ayaw pakain at katatapos lang daw nya... di bale busog naman na ako sa boobs... wala rin masyado change in position at napabilis nga ako blush.gif (nakakahiya uli). But she rode really hard when she felt that I was cumming...

No.:49 or 46 daphne Went in '"one" night and got #49 (orwas it #46?) Daphne. Massage was ok, ES was ... well ... to put it simply, the best ES Ive had in any MP ever... Walang reklamo, she did everything I asked thumbsupsmiley.gif Madalas sumusuko sa akin ang babae, pero si Daphne tuloy tuloy, and she was wet all the time... blink.gif Never asked if "malapit ka na?" (i hate hearing that...ill take as long as i need) Soft moans, beautiful face, lovely body

No.: 69 Vanna

#69 was Vanna, angelic face, not quite tall, and nice round boobs. She didnt smile much but was pleasant to converse with. She was more of the angel of the two, because she only gave half smiles and deep glances that could only be described as "Serene". She paused before she answered questions, which told me she thought about every word. Her jokes were always half-meant, partially hiding some deep sorrow and sadness.


#163 was Catherine - tall, perfectly shaped body, with a naughty, playful smile. She had one of the most beautifully shaped breasts I have ever faced - not too big, but round and firm enough to stand on their own. Her erect nipples made me wish I was a babe again so I can suck on them all day long. She was the playful one, and laughed and smiled a lot which made me feel quite at ease.

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