Sunday, 2 December 2007


Cheering Squad Event. Nov21 3:10pm i was requested by my confirmed guest, as usual, after getting my massage slip i went straight to the second floor to my assigned room. I knocked and slid open the door, i saw him sitting on the sofa finishing off his cigarette. I greeted him and asked him if he wanted to get a twin service but he said maybe next time. Ofcourse i prepared his dental kit first then he asked me to sit beside him so I sat on his legs facing him then he hugged me and started to caress my back (naks!) Then i looked at him and touched his face "amoy yosi ayaw!" (ayoko talga ng amoy tabaco hehe) then he smiled and kissed my breast. Then we stood up and he used the dental kit. So i got my things and we entered the shower, (i hate this shower room talga) bitin kasi ang shower hose masyadong malayo ang upuan. So i started to give him a bath while he was getting naughty (ayan na!) he sucked my nipple while his hands were giving me a sensual massage on my back down to my butt while I’m caressing his neck and his ears then he put his lips gently to my lips, and at first i didn’t want to respond but then... i was starting to like the way he kissed so we kissed more sensually trying to seduce each other and then he stopped and sucked again on my nipples down to my tummy down again to my pussy... so that he wouldn’t have a hard time i sat on the bench and opened my legs for him to invite him that he is welcome to do whatever he wanted to do, He started to lick my clit and play with it using his tongue hmmmm while I’m playing my nipples and grabbing his hair, it felt good then he went up and sucked again my nipples then i looked at him and said: "Banlaw na tayo malamig na kasi eh" happy.gif (Wala kasi akong dalang cd sa cr hahah) So after we dried off our bodies i told him to lie down on his stomach so i could give him a massage first (Kasi yung first guest ko nauna e.s. before massage ayan nasobrahan sa excitement muntik na di mag cum happy.gif lalo na nung tumawag yung cashier hehe) Then i used the lotion as he requested to put on his body, while giving him a massage we still kept on talking about his busy day and that he still has a meeting to attend after our mating hehe. When im massaging his back he said "Ayoko na ng massage" haharap na sana siya sa akin but i told him tapusin ko lang ang massage ko sa back niya. So after the massage, i put the blind fold on his eyes and i started to caress his body, rubbing my boobs to his butt up to his back.... caressing his legs using my lips up to his butt, back of his body, the soft moans i heard and which i do really like to hear, i gave him a soft kiss on his neck that made the hair on his body stand... kissed his ears down to his face and he faced me still wearing the blind fold over his eyes smile.gif and then we kissed, at first i was playing with his lips biting him a bit and then i felt he was getting serious as it become more sensual. He never saw me but he can only feel what i was doing to him, so down I go to his nipples and started nibbling them down to his tummy... caressing his legs, groin and also licking his balls. Then i set the cd beside him, and gently put the cd on his penny using my mouth happy.gif then cdbjed him while his hands were grabbing my hair. Then i positioned myself on top of him and rode him since he is bit chubby and kinda hard for me to the helicopter style on him(laki kasi ng balakang niya happy.gif) but still I’m giving him my best effort on top, then he caught me and put my face close to his for him to kiss a naughty kiss, then he stood up and carried me still on his lap to the sofa, and he sat there and still im on his lap, I was holding on the back of the sofa while pumping, then he licked my boobies at the same timer Ohhhhh yes one of things that turn me on moves is sucking and licking my nipples which he did best, then i turned to my right side and pump him again since at least in that position i can manage to work unlike while he was lying on the bed, then he guided me to stand up and i position myself on the edge of the sofa to do a doggy style while he was holding my hands behind my back pushing me to him then after the doggie he laid me down at the sofa, touching my face, caressing my hair and it looked like he’s in love with me happy.gif ( asa pa ako no? kasama lang siguro sa drama yun nyahaha) then he started to f#&k me while he was kissing my ears down to my neck and sucking my nipples which i did to him too when i got the chance to grab his nipple... until he finally blew his load. smile.gif then for the finale the usual things that i do, i gave him a quick bath and escorted him to elevator. happy.gif (still keeping his promise na dadalhan niya daw ako ng perfume na fav niya na gamit ko kaso naubus ko na, when kayo yun? next year pa kaya? hahaha)


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